General Questions

Standard service is where you order a service with us either on the same day or any other day that works for us mutually. Standard Service completions times depend on various factor such as service time, queue list and season date.

Priority service is where your order moves all the way to the top of the queued list, if you want to start as soon as possible and do not have the time to wait then priority service is more likely a choice for you.

Sherpa: a service where you play with us and we walk you through the service your ordered, this can vary to anything from crucible to raids. If you want to learn this service is more likely for you.

Recovery: a service we offer that incorporates one of our sherpas securely connecting to your account and completing the service you ordered. Off to a trip and you do not want to miss out on the loot then this service might be for you, or maybe you simply work a lot and do not want to spend hours of sitting in raids, crucible, etc. that end with failure.

Recovery (for Xbox Users):

  • We no longer do recovery orders on Xbox, instead please activate Cross-Save this allows us to do the orders on PS4 and PC.
    With Cross-Save active we can complete the order on PS4 or PC and you will get your loot on Xbox and all linked platforms.
  • For this you will need to make a PlayStation network account and link it to your account and please make sure you have your xbox account also linked. Now you can activate Cross-Save, Important Note: make sure you activate the active characters for your current platform, when activating Cross-Save take your time and go through it slowly and correctly, if you activate the wrong platform for your active character then your current characters will be deleted!
  • When we sign in on PS4 or PC, you will have to remain signed out on Xbox, Cross-Save does not allow multiple platforms to be signed in at the same time!
  • If you are hesitant about this we can activate Cross-Save for you as well, you just have to make a PlayStation network account.

It depends on what type of service you order, usually we contact you right away or if all our sherpas are busy then we will contact you within 6 hrs. maximum (within our service hours). If you placed an order out of our service hours then it might take up to 18-24 hrs. maximum.

Payments Questions

PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Maestro and Debit Card.

Any pre-requisites or requirements along with some additional information are listed in the production description, which can be found under each specific product we offer.

There are indeed discounts if you buy our services in higher quantities. Discounts differs from each product, we have some bulk deals in our store but if you have any further questions about the amount for a particular bulk deal, please send in an e-mail to